The Purpose

Blue Sky Graphics was started by two friends, Blue and Sky, in 2009. It’s meant as a place for us to express our creativity and what becomes of it in our random bursts of inspiration. Our graphics weren’t doing any good just sitting around, and we needed a place to put them! Hence, Blue Sky Graphics was born.

The Graphic Details

Blue uses GIMP to make her graphics, although she has used Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 in the past.

Sky has used Macromedia Experiments in the past, but as of 2010 she uses Adobe Photoshop.

Although we are just amateurs, we hope that we may improve as we become motivated to learn more.

About Blue

I'd like to think someday I'll be an author so I dabble in the art of writing and have been told I'm not half-bad with words. Aside from that I love a good thick novel, feeling the wind in my hair as the horse I'm astride eats up the earth with its fastest gait, and studying the things that have already come to pass. Such as the story of Robin Hood. Most importantly I am saved by the healing blood of Jesus Christ and pray that others see His light through me.

About Sky
I love Jesus. Music rocks my socks. My camera is my constant companion. And I write for the same reason I breathe. If I didn't, things could get difficult.

I play guitar; I write; and I love. It's just that simple.

Other than that, I enjoy Owl City, Robin Hood, Star Trek, Disney/Pixar movies, Tangled, & olive green vans. Oh, and I'm a hobbit in disguise. Just so you know.

Where To Next?
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